Re-Threading A Gathered-End Hammock

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Re-Threading A Gathered-End Hammock

So, you got that brand-new, gathered-end hammock, but you want to upgrade the suspension? Maybe switch out the heavy “S”-hooks or steel carabiners with a Whoopie Sling or a continuous loop?

I don’t know about you, but trying to thread suspension through a gathered-end hammock can be a challenge. Have you tried slowly feeding the suspension by itself? Tedious. How about using a small wire to pull it through, only to have the suspension line unhook half-way through? Yeah, me too.

Here’s another method I discovered. It works so well, I’m going back to my gear box to upgrade the rest of my hammocks who’ve been waiting so patiently for their turn.

The trick is to use a small pipe (3/4″ PVC works great). Anything that is small enough in diameter to fit into the end channel should work fine.


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  1. Aidan Cronin says:

    For those hammocks that have a rope in place and you want to upgrade to a Whoopie sling, I tie/loop the fixed end of the Whoopie sling over the existing rope (a sheet bend works nicely) and pull the lot through – it removes the old suspension and threads the new all at the same time – done this on 3 hammocks in less than 10 mins combined.

  2. […] 2 ft (61cm) sections from the included rope and use them to tie up two continuous loops that can be threaded into the end channels. These create great connection points to the hammock and allow for multiple suspension systems to […]

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