Hammock Manufacturers

Hammock Manufacturers, Vendors, and Retailers (camping related)

I try to keep this table up-to-date with hammock manufacturers, vendors, and retailers who specialize in camping hammocks and related gear and accessories. I often get requests to add retailers who aren’t listed and I carefully consider every submission. However, the intent here is not to list boutique shops that specialize in rope hammocks that have little utility for recreational camping or even long-term sleeping. I have been adding shops that specialize in Mayan-sytyle or other South American hammocks because more and more people are using hammocks indoors as bed replacements. If you have found a retailer that isn’t listed, please drop me a line.

ManufacturerMade InHammocksTarpsBug NettingSuspension SystemsInsulationOther Hamock-Related Gear?NotesWebsiteLocation
Bear GryllsChinaXXXXhttp://www.beargryllsstore.com
Backwoods DaydreamerUSAXMOVED - See "DIY Gear Supply"backwoodsdaydreamer.webs.com
Appalachian HammockUSAXXHand-craftedhttp://appalachianhammock.com/South Carolina, USA
Bakpocket HammocksIndonesiaXXhttp://bakpocket-paks.com
Bakpocket HammocksUSAXXXX
The Bearded HangerUSAXXhttp://beardedhanger.comTampa, Florida
Dutch Ware GearUSAXXDIY Supplieshttp://dutchware.outdoortrailgear.com
Helsdon Outdoors (Eureka!)CanadaXXXXRetailed by Eureka! Canadahttp://helsdonoutdoors.com/ProductsCanada
Alpine HammockUSAXXXX
Amok EquipmentNorwayXXXXhttp://www.amokequipment.comNorway
Anna's HammocksUSAXhttp://www.annashammocks.com/Grand Rapids, MI
Arrowhead EquipmentUSAXXXXDIY Supplies and Custom Workhttp://www.arrowhead-equipment.comID
Black Rock GearUSAXhttp://www.blackrockgear.com
Butts In A Sling Hammock GearUSAXXDIY Supplieshttp://www.buttinasling.com/Covington, TN
Byer of Main HammocksChinaXXXXwww.byerofmaine.com
Crazy CreekXXXwww.crazycreek.com
DP Hammock GearXXXXXhttp://www.dplightweightbackpackinggear.com
Dream HammockUSAXXXXXXCustom Workhttp://www.dream-hammock.com/
Haiku Hammock SwingsXXXhttp://www.e-hammockswings.com
Enlightened EquipmentUSAXCuben Fiber Quiltshttp://www.enlightenedequipment.com
Exped (Expedition Equipment)ChinaXXXXX2011 Gold Winner Outdoor Showwww.exped.com
ExtremtextilGermanyXDIY Supplies with exotic fabricshttp://www.extremtextil.de
Foxtail HammocksIndonesiaXhttp://www.foxtailhammocks.comBaxter, Tennessee
GossamergearUSAXXDIY Suppliesgossamergear.com
Grand TrunkChinaXXXwww.grandtrunkgoods.com
Green Armadillo GearIndonesiaXXXXhttp://www.greenarmadillogear.com/index.htmlSalt Lake City, UT
Hamacas TainoXXhttp://www.hamacastaino.com
Hammock BlissIndonesiaXXXXXwww.hammockbliss.com
Hammock Gear.comUSAXXXXDIY Supplies and Custom Workwww.hammockgear.com
Harmony HammocksCanadaXXRetailershttp://www.harmonyhammocks.com/?Vancouver, Canada
Hennessy HammocksChinaXXXXXXwww.hennessyhammocks.com
Hippie HammocksUSAXXXDIY dyable hammock blankshttp://www.hippiehammocks.comColorado
Hummingbird HammockUSAXXhttp://www.hummingbirdhammocks.comColorado
Infinity OutdoorsUSAXXXDIY Supplieshttp://www.infinityoutfitter.comSioux Falls, SD
Clark Jungle HammocksUSAXXXXXwww.junglehammock.com
Leigh Lo Under QuiltsUSAXleighlounderquilts.webs.comOut of business
MadTree HammocksFinlandXXIntegrated hammock and insulationhttp://www.madtree.fi/index.htmlFinland
Mexicali BluesIndonesiaXXhttp://www.mexicaliblues.com/Maine
Navy HammockUSAXXhttp://www.navyhammocks.comDawsonville, GA
Elevated MovementUSAXX100% Recycledhttp://www.theelevatedmovement.comNorth Carolina
2Q & ZQ Hammock SpecialtiesUSAXXHammock Zipper Mods and accessorieswww.2qzqhammockhanger.com
DD HammocksUKXXXXXXwww.ddhammocks.comUK
DIY Gear SupplyUSAXDIY Supplieswww.diygearsupply.com
Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO)IndonesiaXXXXXXwww.eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com
Gargoyle GearXXDIY Supplies and Custom Workwww.gargoylegear.webs.comOut of business
Hyperlite Mountain GearUSAXwww.hyperlitemountaingear.com
Jacks 'R' BetterUSAXXXXXXDIY Supplieswww.jacksrbetter.com
Lawson HammockChinaXXXXwww.lawsonhammock.com
Claytor Mosquito HammocksUSAXXXwww.mosquitohammock.com
Handy HammockUKXhttp://www.handyhammock.co.uk
Michigan Gear HammocksUSAXXhttp://www.etsy.com/shop/MichiganGearHammocksMichigan
Minorswing HammocksRomaniaXXhttp://www.minorswing.roBucharest, Romania
Molly Mac Pack GearUSAXXhttp://www.mollymacpack.com/
Mountain Laurel DesignsUSAXXXXCustom Workwww.mountainlaureldesigns.com
MountainGoat GearXhttp://www.mountaingoathatsandgoods.com
New Tribe—Tree Boat HammocksXXXXXXnewtribe.com
NK OutdoorsXXXnkoutdoorgear.webs.comOut of business
Northwoods Hammock CompanyUSAXXXhttp://northwoodshammock.comUnknown
Outdoor Equipment SupplierUSAXXCustom Workwww.outdoorequipmentsupplier.comNew York
Outdoor Trail GearX(Not much hammock camping gear here)http://gear.outdoortrailgear.com
Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics, IncXDIY Supplieswww.owfinc.com
Oware Outdoor GearXXXXDIY Supplieshttp://www.owareusa.com/
Pak-it-Lite HammocksUSAXXXXhttp://camphammocks.com
Peapod HammocksXhttp://peapodhammocks.com
Planet HammockIndonesiaXXXwww.planethammock.nlNetherlands
Quest OutfittersXDIY Supplieswww.questoutfitters.com
Redden Marine SupplyXXDIY Supplieswww.reddenmarine.com
Ripstop by the RollUSAXDIY Supplieshttp://ripstopbytheroll.comRaleigh, NC
Seaside HammocksUSAXRetailerhttp://www.seasidehammocks.com
Ship in a BottleUSAXXhttp://www.theshipinabottle.com/
Sierra Madre ResearchNicaraguaXXhttp://www.sierramadreresearch.comManagua, Nicaragua
Simply Light DesignUSAXXXXhttp://simplylightdesigns.com
Smart OutdoorsXXsmartoutdoors.webs.com
SoCo HammocksIndonesiaXXhttp://www.socohammocks.com/Colorado
Southern Hammock CampingXhttp://www.southernhammockcamping.com/
Split Leaf DesignsUSAXXhttp://www.splitleafdesigns.com/store/p16/Single_Person_Hammock.htmlColorado
Style Mexican HammocksMexicoXXXXAuthentic Mayanhttp://www.stylemexican.comMexico
Te-Wa Under QuiltsUSAXhttp://www.tewaunderquilts.comArizona
Tenth Wonder (TW) HammocksUKXXXXXhttp://twhammocks.co.uk
TentsileUKXXXXMulti-person Hammockhttp://www.tentsile.comLondon, UK
Terra Rosa GearXCustom Workhttp://www.terrarosagear.comAustralia
Thru-hikerXDIY Supplieswww.thru-hiker.com
Ticket-to-the-Moon HammocksIndonesiaXXXXwww.ticketothemoon.com
Tier GearAustraliaXDIY Supplieshttp://www.tiergear.com.auTasmania, AU
Titanium GoatXDIY Supplies (Not much hammock camping gear here)www.titaniumgoat.com
Tree to Tree Trail GearUSAXXXXXXhttp://www.tttrailgear.com
Trek Light GearIndonesiaXXXXXXwww.treklightgear.com
UK HammocksUKXXXXXCustom Workukhammocks.co.uk
Ultralight Gear & SupplyUSAXXDIY Supplieshttp://www.hikelite0.com
Underground Quilts & Outdoor GearUSAXXXXCustom Workhttp://www.undergroundquilts.com/Michigan
VersaShelterUSAXXXXhttp://versashelter.comWilmington, NC
Warbonnet OutdoorsUSAXXXXXwww.warbonnetoutdoors.com
White Mountain HammocksUSAXXXXhttp://www.whtmtindsew.com/Out of business
WhoopieSlings.comUSAXXXXXXCustom Workwww.whoopieslings.com
Wilderness LogicsUSAXXXXXXCustom Work, DIY Supplieswww.wildernesslogics.comThomasville, NC
Yucatan HammocksMexicoXhttp://www.yucatanhammocks.netAlberta, CAN
Yukon OutfittersTennessee, ChinaXXXXXhttp://www.yukon-outfitters.comTennessee, China
Blue Sky OutfittersIndonesiaXXXhttp://www.blue-sky-outdoor.comIllinois, USA

91 Responses

  1. Dale Taylor says:

    I have started making ultra lite weight camping / lounging hammocks. They are made of rip stop nylon and each one is made to order.
    I am 6’2″ 250lb and use mine everyday. Now I have my whole family and all my friends enjoying hammocks.

  2. Antoine says:

    Most of them are traders , just a few a real manufacturer !!

    • Derek says:

      There are only a few, maybe one or two, who resale the same hammocks with just a different label. A few others (mostly those who sell parachute nylon hammocks) get their hammocks made from the same factories in Indonesia, as this is one of the only places in the world where you can find parachute nylon fabric.

      If you check out my post that compares parachute nylon hammocks, you’ll notice a difference in dimensions among all of the hammocks. Each company who sells hammocks are getting them manufactured to their own specifications, even if they use the same factory as a competitor.

      So, I guess it depends on how you define “manufacturer” because, strictly speaking, you’re probably correct as very few procure the materials and sew the hammocks themselves. Economies of scale limit that somewhat.

      Many “cottage” manufacturers do everything in house: research, development, prototypes, product manufacturing, marketing, sales, and human resources to name a few. But even the cottage companies outsource manufacturing, even if it is with sewing shops in their communities, to meet demand.

      Maybe a better phrase would be “hammock companies”?

      • Justin says:

        What fabric available in the USA would most closely resemble the parachute material found in ENO and Yukon Outfitters hammocks?

      • JJBrewbus says:

        Derek, You said that many companies manufacture in Indonesia. I live in Bali, Indonesia, and I’d be interested to hear of where/which companies are doing the manufacturing — if you know of such things. I’d love to pop by the factories and get some custom kit made by the guys with all the materials, equipment and know-how.

      • Vernon says:

        Derek I found a good company called Ripstop by the roll which seems to be a great material supply source for the DIY’s in us all….give it a look and see if you think it’s worth listing.

  3. Richard says:

    Check out Sierra Madre Research. We design our own products AND founded our own manufacturing company in Managua, Nicaragua, SMr illuminate. We don’t use the common “parachute nylon material” that everyone else uses. Our fabric actually feels good on your skin, the high density thread count gives it a silky smooth finish / feel with just the right amount of stretch.

    SInce we own the manufacturing facility, we have created a very high standard for Quality Control on our products. Rather than relying on another company in Indonesia or China trying to meet their monthly quota.

    Inspiring Adventure through Comfort

  4. Van says:

    There’s one out of Canada I didn’t see listed: Chrysalis by Helsdon Outdoors, bridge style hammock design.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Found these guys a few weeks ago. Not sure if they are any good. Plan on getting one for a friend. Decent price for the package. http://appalachianhammock.com

  6. Grant says:

    Hello Derek,

    In this list, as in the book, Kammok is listed as having tarps and netting, which are not yet available on their website. Is this what the (TBA) in the notes refers to?

    • Derek says:

      Good question, Grant, and thanks for the reminder — I updated Kammok’s listing online. When I was working on the first edition, Kammok was just emerging into the market. I met with the owner and we worked together to get as much up-to-date information as I could in print. Unfortunately, Kammok wasn’t able to bring all their products to market as quickly as hoped. It’s always a little risky in print publishing to take these sorts of gambles.

  7. Hi, I think you missed out Tenth Wonder Hammocks (twhammocks.co.uk) from the UK! I’ve got a hornet hammock and a sargasso tarp from them – similar price and quality to DD.

  8. Sam says:

    Out of business or I could not get to their site list

    Gargoyle Gear
    Leigh Lo Under Quilts
    Northwoods Hammock Company
    Peapod Hammocks
    Tree to Tree Trail Gear
    White Mountain Hammocks

  9. Ashley says:

    Another possible add would be Haiku Hammock Swings. ( http://www.e-hammockswings.com )

    • Derek says:

      Thanks Ashley. This list is primarily for hammocks ideal for camping. I have specifically excluded rope-based hammocks, including woven Mayan and Brazilian hammocks because they are too heavy and bulky for camping and are not mildew resistant (certain models). I’m a huge fan of Mayan hammocks, however, but use and recommend them for indoor or limited backyard use. They are without doubt the most comfortable hammock, but the purpose of this list, I’m being somewhat selective.

  10. rishi says:

    hey, do you give a ranking of the best hammocks in general, and maybe a listing of best hammocks for backpacking? i’d be interested in hearing what you have to say

    • Derek says:

      I’m working on a second edition of my book and I’ll have a better comparison list to show products side-by-side that may help in the selection process. I learned early on that the “best hammock” is a choice best left up to the user. Everyone has their own criteria on what “best” means. You might be interested in my a la carte hammock post where I explain some of these criteria and how they help you refine your decision process.

      • Rishi says:

        Yeah that makes sense.
        I’ll check out the post you reference.
        On another note,
        I’ve been using your app on the last 4 hammock hangs I did, but I wasn’t able to get it right (my own fault I’m sure) …really looking forward to figuring it out sometime soon

  11. Zach S. Banks says:

    My company makes ripstop nylon hammocks (http://www.etsy.com/shop/MichiganGearHammocks)

  12. Mike says:

    I am using a hennessey hammock for the past 3 years. They are great and very comfortable to sleep in. I use the oversized fly to provide me protection and a nice porch roof when it is rainimg or a large shady spot to relax.

  13. Kyle Baker says:

    Hey Derek! For those looking to do DIY hammocks/tarps/quilt, feel free to check out http://www.ripstopbytheroll.com. I started the site specifically to cater to the DIY guy/gal by offering DIY fabric at wholesale prices without having to buy in bulk. Looking forward to the second edition of the book.

  14. katny says:

    Hi Derek,

    Maybe Lesovik Duch (Ghost)- interesting hammock from Poland?

  15. Grassyman says:

    This page is great, although I do not speak perfect English.

    Do you know this producer? http://www.ddhammocks.com/

    sincerely, Leslie from Hungary

    • Derek says:

      Yes, DD Hammocks is a great company with great products. I just received a Jungle Hammock from them that I’ve been reviewing and I really like it. The other models are also highly praised.

  16. Grassyman says:

    Hi derek!

    Reassured! I also have a DD Frontline hammock and I really like him. I am inexperienced in this area so I was cold at first forest sleeping in the hammock :-) I study a lot of useful things your site. Your book has been published by in Hungarian language?

  17. Mark Graber says:

    Warbonnet hammocks. The best of the best!

  18. Not listed: Infinity Outfitter, LLC Hammocks and suspension systems. Sioux Falls, SD.

  19. Chris says:

    You ever have a look at http://www.harmonyhammocks.com? I see they have a decent FB site and product images, but was wondering if you’ve ever tried the product since it’s not in your vendor list.

    • Derek says:

      Thanks! Yes, I’ve seen that site. I’ve added them to the list.

      • Chris says:

        Any experience with Harmony Hammocks, before I commit to buying? I’ll have a look at Warbonnet as well.

        • Derek says:

          I dot have any experience with them. I looked at their mayan hammocks, which are fairly expensive. I didn’t see a lot of camping hammocks. The Warbonnet brand is fantastic. Great hammocks.

  20. Is their a way to make this chart more iPad friendly? I enjoy reading all your articles!

  21. kevharde says:

    Hi Derek, enjoyed the book and the site. I just recently picked up my first hammock…Snugpak Jungle hammock w/mosquito net. Haven’t camped with it yet but have set it up. Easy and pretty comfortable (so far). I went with the Kammok straps right off so I wouldn’t have to deal with knots.
    I didn’t see Snugpak or Proforce listed on your site. Have you had any experience with them?
    Thanks, Kevin

  22. Dave says:

    Great site Derek, I’m really enjoying reading your articles and watching the videos. Do you have any experience with the Yukon Outfitters hammocks/rainfly?

    • Derek says:

      Not specifically. The hammock looks very similar to the grand trunk skeeter beeter and byer if Maine Moskito. I have not tested the tarp.

  23. Kevin says:

    Well I’m still a newbie but pretty easy to set up and plenty roomy. Already tore the netting which was a known issue. I find the tarp is the harder part to get right. Looking forward to getting more practice.

  24. vanessa says:

    I love this site! Is there anyway you might incorporate links into the gear/vendor list/table? It’s a challenge to copy/paste, especially on mobile devices, and then backtrack to your page to look at other vendors, and then repeat…

  25. Nathan says:

    What about Dutchwaregear?

  26. Alex says:

    2T’s Outdoors carries hammock chairs, hammock accessories as well as many other backpacking things.

  27. and the AntiGravityGear that you recommended (-:
    very friendly and helpful as well

  28. optimumrv says:

    RVing and Hammocks go hand in hand. Thanks for sharing this extensive list.

  29. biljah says:

    Yukon Outfitters are not on this list?

  30. It looks like there’s a lot of DIY’s out there, but just thought I ‘d let you guys know about Hobo Hammocks. They only sell double hammocks, and straps are included so you don’t have to track down hanging straps after you purchase your hammock. They haven’t received their first shipment yet, but if you pre-order, you get the discounted price ($40)

    The other cool thing is that they are donating a meal to the homeless for every hammock sold, so if you give up on the DIY, or just feel like supporting a good cause, check out hobohammocks.com!

  31. Mike says:

    I’m looking for companies who want to sell in Japan. The mountainous landscape of Japan makes it difficult for most people to find a place to pitch a tent. A few are using DD Hammocks now. There’s a big market here. If I can get some hammocks, I’ll make some videos in Japanese and English to get the ball rolling. I’ve been here 15 years. American.

    • Derek says:

      Sounds like a fun venture! There are a few brands I know who’ve been expanding their market. I would reach out to Warbonnet, Yukon Outfitters, ENO, Amok, Sierra Madre Research, Grand Trunk, Hammock Bliss, Jacks R Better, and Kammok. Those are a few I can think of with the capacity for large orders.

  32. Pravus says:

    Check out Hummingbird Hammocks when you get the chance: http://www.hummingbirdhammocks.com/
    There was an honerable mention of American Made companies on Gear Junkie’s website. I checked them out and got in touch. They’ve got a tarp in developement as we speak, and I’ll be testing their single hammock with soft carabiners and tree straps in Alaska this summer :)

  33. Hi Derek- I have some questions on hammock fabric etc that I was hoping to ask you. Wanted to message you but can’t find your contact form? Let me know. Thanks!

  34. Katie says:

    Hi Derek –

    Thank you so much for this list – It’s AMAZING! Do you know anything about the bunyanesque hammock and where it is manufactured? I read that it is manufactured in Colorado but I can not seem to find any additional information. Thanks so much!

  35. Yunita says:

    Hi all nice to know all of you and know these community. I am Yunita from Jakarta Indonesia we are manufacturer for hammock accesories like straps, webbing backpack, rope and etc.we have good quality for tree nylon straps/hammock straps width 30mm. the lab report test by GRAB TEST ( ASTM D5304,SPEED 12 IN/MM breaking strength : 2042.5 KG. pls do not hesitate to contact me at my email yunita@fontana.co.id or phone 062215451040/062215451046 or skype yunita.harianja

  36. Monty says:

    ive trawled your website but haven’t found one brand that are UK based cottage and are almost identical to DD hammocks in their manufacturing scale/etc, some saying better quality for price, etc. They’re called tenth wonder hammocks and i was wondering if you’ve seen them (as you’ve seen DD) and if you’d ever consider reviewing them or consider them for hammock camping! their website is: http://www.twhammocks.co.uk/

    on another topic- whats the minimum weight limit or a good brand/model for a hammock to support 2 people (just to relax, not synchronised sleeping)? 220lb, 330lb? id like to get into hammocking after trying out my friends dd camping hammock, and having a dual purpose hammock would be useful! plus cant source an eno or grand trunk (what all the reviews indicate to) at a reasonable price, let alone find one in the uk!

    kind regards- Monty

    • Monty says:

      i just looked at the comments and vendors more closely- and saw tenth wonder. sorry, im awfully ignorant sometimes. would you ever review and of their products however?

    • Derek says:

      Thanks Monty. For two to lounge in a hammock, you really just need a hammock that will be rated to support your combined weight.

  37. Shawn H says:

    On your list, I did not see ENO. Have you used/reviewed their products at all?
    I just received a setup for my 24th birthday and I’m very excited to get into the hammock lifestyle.

    • Derek says:

      Welcome to the hang! Yes, I’ve reviewed nearly all of ENOs products. Good quality and very popular. Compared with some hammock brands they are a bit pedestrian but they are great for a highly modular and versatile hammock system.

  38. Shawn H says:

    And now I feel like a potato because I did see it on your list, but am still curious your thoughts/recommendations regarding ENO

  39. steve says:

    Hey. I’m an over the road truck driver and I have been doing a lot of hiking this summer and have been using a hammock. My sleep has been phenomenal. I want to put a hammock in my truck but am really limited on space, probably 10 feet. I’m only 5 ‘ 8” any options out there for this application or any good sites on building my own. Any advice would be appreciated.

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