January 18, 2016

DIY Paracord Throwing Sling Instructions

This little project has very little to do with hammocks, I realize, but it’s a little side project I was working on for a class I’m teaching on the Old Testament. If you like to tinker with paracord, this is a fun and easy project that provides a lot of entertainment in the backyard.

If you want to know more about how to use a sling, or want to take this project further and actually weave your own with traditional materials, I recommend checking out TJ Potter’s website or Slinging.org.

DIY Paracord Throwing Sling Instructions

This is a really easy project that is easy to adjust if you want a longer sling or bigger basket. These instructions make a basic, small sling that is about two feet (61 cm) long. This throwing sling is suitable for small stones. I used these instructions but made seven bights in the center at eight inch (20 cm) long and then make a sling large enough to hurl a tennis ball.



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  • GO! Outfitters

    This looks like a fun project! I’m afraid if I make one I could have a relapse of my past paracord addiction.

    Reply to GO! Outfitters
  • elderr2

    I prefer to braid and weave jute twine or other natural fibers. I taught my scouts how to make these and showed them how to use them one year at a camp out. They were amazed how accurate you could get with a little practice and soon realized with a smooth stone David really could have killed Goliath.

    Cool project to add. Besides you never know when you could hunt a squirrel or rabbit to have for dinner while hammock camping 😉

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    • Post authorDerek

      There is a connection!

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  • James

    Derek, Thanks for posting this. Thought you might want to know that there is a typo on step 5 “ice” versus “nice”.

    Reply to James
    • Post authorDerek

      Egads! Thanks for the catch. I’ll get a new version uploaded.

      Reply to Derek
  • Scott Adkins

    I have a question about how you secure the ends of the short piece you use to make the basket. Just tie onto one of the cords I assume, just wondered how you did it.

    Reply to Scott Adkins
    • Post authorDerek

      I trimmed the excess cordage and melted it onto the basket.

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