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The Many Uses of a Gear Hammock

Gear hammocks have a lot of utility, depending on their size and material used, including an on-the-go chair, top cover, winter barrier, gear loft, pack cover, and more.


Hennessy Hammock Monsoon Tarp Review

Hennessy Hammock Monsoon Tarp – Silnylon Hennessy Hammock is well-known for their distinctive asymmetric tarp design that come stock with every hammock, but not everyone feels “storm secure” with them. And, there are certainly...


Hennessy Hammock Water Collector Review

Hennessy Hammock Water Collector and Tarp Tensioner System Hennessy came out with their water collection and tarp tensioning system years ago as a simple but innovative way to collect water run-off from a tarp....


GO! Outfitters Camping Hammock Review

GO! Outfitters Camping Hammock The GO! Outfitters Camping Hammock takes their basic hammock and adds a few features, including an integrated zippered bug net for built-in mosquito protection. Manufacturer: GO! Outfitters, made in Vietnam MSRP: US$99.99 Available...


Bakpocket Deluxe Adventurers Hammock Review

Bakpocket Deluxe Adventurers Hammock The Bakpocket hammocks are distinguished by their unique double-layer design. Many models have interesting features such as pillow pockets and zipper enclosures. Manufacturer: Bakpocket Products, made in Indonesia MSRP: US$95 Available Features/Specifications...


Rockagator RG-25 40L REFLECT Backpack Review

Rockagator RG-25 40L REFLECT Backpack NOTE: Every once-in-a-while I get the opportunity to test hammock-related camping gear, such as traditional sleeping bags, tarps, backpacks, and accessories. The Rockagator RG-25 40L REFLECT pack is a...