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All the best tips and techniques on hammock camping in one place. Fully illustrated.

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Hammock camping illustrated - The Ultimate Hang book

Gear reviews

Honest feedback on a variety of the most popular and unique hammocks ever made.

Hammock tips

Learn the most useful methods for setting up, staying dry, warm, and bug-free in the front or backcountry.

Hammock calculator

The first and best calculator to estimate how to hang your hammock indoors or out.

Hammock Basics Book

Are you looking for just the basics of hammock set-up and don’t need all the complexity that comes along with camping? Then this book is for you!

Hammock Camping Basics Book

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About Derek

Derek Hansen is a lightweight backpacker, former Scoutmaster, and hammock guru who enjoyed his first hammock hang as a youth at a Boy Scout high adventure base. Derek wrote The Ultimate Hang in 2011 as a way to curate all the illustrations, tips, and techniques he had developed over the years as a service to the hammock camping community.

Derek moonlights as a hammock consultant and has even been featured on Inside Edition. His illustrations are well-known and used across the world to help people make the most of their hammock experience.

“A fast, interesting, and excellent read. The illustrations really add to both reading enjoyment and clarity. The Ultimate Hang will enhance the hammock hanging experience of novice and veteran hangers alike.“

Jack Tier and Jack Myers,

“If you want to invigorate your backpacking experience and sleep consistently in or on any terrain then this book will give you all the gathered intel on the wonders of hanging cradled in comfort…It is a truly a right goodie!”

Sean “Shug” Emery

“Simply amazing! If you are new to hammock camping, already love hammock camping, or just simply want to spread the word, this book is a must have.”

Adam Hurst,