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Hennessy Hammock Supershelter Review

Hennessy Hammock SuperShelter Product Description The Hennessy Hammock SuperShelter includes a waterproof UnderCover, a 1/2-inch (1.25 cm) thick open-cell-foam insulating pad, a mylar “emergency” or “space” blanket, and attachment clips. The system is designed...

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Crosskix 2.0 Supreme Multi-sport Shoes Review

Crosskix 2.0 Supreme EVA Mult-sport Shoes Product Description The Crosskix 2.0 Supreme shoes are a molded foam composite shoe made from EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). The shoes are similar in many regards to the popular...

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Apriller Parachute Nylon Hammock Review

Apriller Parachute Nylon Hammock Product Description The Apriller Parachute Nylon Hammock is an open, recreational hammock made from crinkle taffeta fabric, common with many brands in the market today. The hammock is constructed with...

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Flying Squirrel Outfitters Hammocks – Preview

Flying Squirrel Outfitters Hammock Prototypes Product Description The Flying Squirrel Outfitters hammocks are another entrant into a very popular category of parachute nylon hammocks and come in two sizes: Ultralight and Double. They will be...

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Crotch Guard by Derma-Tect – Review

Crotch Guard Chaffing isn’t something I like to talk about, but it is a reality for me and many people who hike, backpack, or even bicycle long distances. I was given an opportunity to...

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Haeleum Braeden Insect Repellent Shirt Review

Haeleum Braeden Insect Repellent Shirt Product Description The Haeleum Braeden is a long-sleeve, crew neck synthetic shirt designed to be worn close to the skin. It acts as a moisture-wicking base layer that can...

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