Hang a Hammock Illustration Instruction Staying Bug Free
May 23, 2012

No Sew, Head and Bug Net Pull-Out for Hammocks

Here’s a little tip and technique on how to increase the head room in your hammock, especially for gathered-end hammocks with integrated bug nets, such as the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter series, Hammock Bliss No-See-Um No More, and the Byer Moskito Traveller, to name a few. This side tie-out also…

Trip Report
May 22, 2012

Trail Days 2012

This was my first time at Trail Days and I had a blast! I must first send out a huge THANK-YOU to the Jacks of Jacks ‘R’ Better who were so generous in inviting me out and hosting me during the trip. It was so great to spend time with…

Illustration Rig A Tarp
May 9, 2012

Rigging A Tarp For A Hammock – With Hardware

Knots are great and all, but what about hardware options for rigging up a tarp? Well, there are dozens of ways to do this, and I illustrated several ways in my book. When I use a continuous ridge line, I most often use a very simple method using two carabiners…

Illustration Instruction Rig A Tarp
May 8, 2012

Rigging A Tarp For A Hammock – No Hardware

I love the simplicity of knots. One maxim my Scoutmaster taught me was that “a good knot is easy to tie and easy to untie.” I’ve tied my share of “bad” knots when I was a Boy Scout, but there are two knots that have stuck with me that I…

Trip Report
May 8, 2012

Hammock on the Bayou

Trip Report – Hanging On The Bayou I’ve pitched my hammock in a lot of amazing places over the years, from the rugged Na’ Pali Coast in Kauai to the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, but I have yet to hang over a body of water. So when I saw…

How To Instruction Staying Warm
May 1, 2012

The Truth About Hammock Camping: Claim #2 – Hammocks Are Comfortable

It wouldn’t be honest not to admit that I occasionally have a bad hang in a hammock. Some comfort issues are common enough to become regular complaints among avid hangers. So, without further delay, let’s jump into the next claim. Claim #2: Hammocks are comfortable. The Truth Is: They are,…

Hang a Hammock How To Lighten Up Packing Staying Bug Free Staying Dry Staying Warm Suspension
April 27, 2012

The Truth About Hammock Camping: Claim #1 – Hammocks Are Lighter Than Tents

Are hammocks really that amazing? I thought it would be interesting to do a series and play devil’s advocate by punching through some of the more popular claims about hammocks as they relate to camping. After all, I’ve had my fair share of misery in a hammock: cold butt syndrome, shoulder…