EDIT 11/26/12: I have completed a thorough hammock camping comparison database chart that includes all camping hammocks, tarps, insulation options, and suspension kits available.

Parachute nylon hammocks are one of the most common types of hammocks in the market today, and are arguably the most popular, judging by the variety sold by hammock manufacturers. The fabric is recognizable based on its “crinkly” appearance. It is one of the stronger fabrics used in hammocks, with most manufacturers listing 400 lb. (181 kg.) load capacity, and it has a fairly soft texture. Parachute nylon fabric also features a moderate stretch, which some hangers prefer to achieve the best comfort.

But not all parachute nylon hammocks are created equally, and despite similar naming conventions (e.g., “Single” and “Double” hammocks), each manufacturer varies in product dimension, construction, and packaging.

If you have a parachute nylon hammock not listed here, please contact me so I can append this list.


Side Panels: The width of the extra strip of fabric on either side of the main hammock body.
Rope Length: The total length of the hammock, including the rope suspension.

EDIT 7/4/12: I own each one of these hammocks and the measurements are my own, not pulled from catalogues or websites, so what is listed here is a field measurement that may differ slightly from a manufacturer’s website. Also, I incorrectly listed the weight in pounds where it should be ounces (can you imagine a 23-pound hammock? Yikes!). Thanks to Ellis who brought this to my attention.

Brand Name
Length (in.)
Width (in.)
Listed Capacity (lbs.)
Weight (oz.)
Side Panel (in.)
Rope Length (in.)
MSRP(as of 10/30/13)
Byer of Main Amazonas Traveller Hammock865325010.813137N/A (the Traveler Lite replaced this model - US$22.95
Anna’s Hammock*9757N/A17.6nonenoneUS$39.00
ENO - Double1017240017.28noneUS$64.95
ENO - ProNest865740010.5nonenoneUS$64.95
Grand Trunk Goods - Double1137840018.59noneUS$64.99
Grand Trunk Goods - Double, White Hibiscus1158140018.712noneUS$74.99
Grand Trunk Goods - Single1135840014.19noneUS$54.99
Hammock Bliss - No-See-Um No More1186035025nonenoneUS$86.95
KAMMOK - ROO*1247150022.58noneUS$99.00
Planet Hammock - Double1127835318.19none€49.95
Planet Hammock - Single, Camo1055635211.8nonenone€39.95
Ticket to the Moon - Double1157944117.99noneUS$50.00
Ticket to the Moon - Single1176044115nonenoneUS$30.00
Trek Light Gear - Double1147840019.19noneUS$74.95
Hammock Bliss Triple11694.535022.519noneUS$74.95
Trek Light Gear - Single1165940016.19noneUS$64.95

*Technically speaking, these hammocks are not made from parachute nylon (crinkle taffeta), but I added them here for my own convenience. The KAMMOK ROO is made from a proprietary diamond ripstop nylon. Anna’s Hammock is made from taslan. Its 100% nylon but spun so its has a softer feel than ripstop.