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Review: Astucas Sestrals Poncho and Balaclava

The Astucas Sestrals Poncho is a convertible top quilt filled with Climashield APEX insulation and features a treated nylon to repel water and dirt. The matching Balaclava (sold separately) make an effective pair.


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On February 1, without warning, my web host went belly up and I completely lost The site went dark for a little over a week. However, thanks to an old backup and scraping...


Review: Nemo Cloudview Hammock

The Nemo Cloudview is a hybrid hammock with features of a bridge and spreader bar hammock. It’s durable mesh fabric make it very lounge-worthy.


Review: Warbonnet Outdoors Wooki Underquilt

  Warbonnet Outdoors Wooki Underquilt Product Description The Warbonnet Outdoors Wooki underquilt is a full-length insulator for the bottom of a hammock, replacing more difficult to use pads as a means to stay warm...


Trip Report: Kayaking on Apache Lake, Arizona

  I was invited to do a quick overnight kayaking trip on Apache Lake in Arizona in January. Coined a “cold weather” event for those coming up from Phoenix, for me, it would be...


Review: Hoo-Rag Sub Zero and Polartek Head Wraps

I’m a big fan of head wraps of all sorts, and having tested the Hoo-Rag brand before, I was happy to take a closer look at two new products they released for cold-weather wear:...

Review: Rallt Digital Camo Hammock and Ultralight Straps 0

Review: Rallt Digital Camo Hammock and Ultralight Straps

  Rallt Digital Camo Hammock and Ultralight Hammock Straps Note: I typically write individual reviews for products that are sold separately, but I feel strongly that webbing straps should be included with a hammock....


Review: Dutchware Chameleon Hammock

  The Dutchware Chameleon (foreground, right), under a Winter Dream tarp by UGQ at Apache Lake, Arizona. Dutchware Chameleon Hammock Jan. 17, 2017—Dutch sent me a pre-production prototype of his new Chameleon hammock, which...