Hammock Hang Calculator

by Derek Hansen | TheUltimateHang.com | v2.21

Estimate the hang point or hang distance, suspension length, and forces at play with your gathered-end, spreader bar, or bridge style hammock.

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12 ft Hang Distance
5 ft Hang Height
0 in Ridgeline
0 in Suspension
30° Suspension Angle
30° Hammock Angle
18 in Sit Height
10 ft Hammock
0 in Head room
165 lbf Shear Force
190 lbf Cord Tension
190 lbs Weight

Calculator Inputs

  • Units
  • Metric Imperial

  • ft *
  • distance

    Use distance when you know the distance between your anchors (such as between two trees, pillars, or walls) but you want to know the hang height.


    Use height if you know the hang height (such as a ceiling height or rafters) but you want to know the distance apart to hang.

  • Hammock Length

  • ft*
  • Include hammock strings

    INCLUDE attached strings or nettles as part of the total length of the hammock but NOT the suspension (webbing straps).

  • ridgeline

    Camping hammocks often include ridgelines that fix the angle of the hammock differently than the suspension. If your hammock has a ridgeline, check this box and add the length of your ridgeline here. Not needed for open hammocks.

    For gathered-end hammocks, the recommended starting point is 83% of the hammock length for gathered-end hammocks.

    Your new ridgeline length: in

  • Preferred sit height
  • in*
  • Weight in hammock
  • lbs*
  • Used for calculating static shear forces, based on hang angle.

  • Hang Angle
  • degrees *
  • Recommendations by hammock type:

Hammock Type

Gathered-end Hammock


Most common. Includes Nylon hammocks, Mayan hammocks, and most camping hammocks

Spreader Bar Hammock

Spreader bar

Bridge Hammock


* required field


This tool is for estimating and entertainment purposes only. It does not take into consideration any dynamic load factors, fabric type, stretch, or other environmental factors that may affect the set-up. Suspension length is also limited to the distance between anchor point and hammock and does not factor in any extra length needed for wrapping an anchor point or tying off, etc.

Hang at your own risk!

To learn more about hammocks and hammock camping, be sure to pick up a copy of The Ultimate Hang: Hammock camping illustrated.