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The taper is also done through a weaving process. Amazing! 7

Ultimate Hammocks Ultimate Straps Review

Ultimate Hammocks Ultimate Straps While the name is somewhat repetitive, the Ultimate Straps from Ultimate Hammocks does present one of the more unique designs to daisy-chain webbing straps that I’ve seen. The woven design...

tribe-provisions-straps-5597 0

Tribe Provisions Adventure Straps II Review

Tribe Provisions Adventure Straps II Product Description The Tribe Provisions Adventure Straps II are one entrant into a long line of daisy-chain hammock straps. What makes these straps stand out is the unique pairing...

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DIY Candle Firestarter

Do-it-Yourself Candle Firestarter As I was going through some old photos, I came across a video and photo series I created back in 2010 to show how to make your own firestarters out of...

The ENO Underbelly Gear Sling. 17

The Many Uses of a Gear Hammock

Using a Gear Hammock I love multi-use gear on the trail, and one item that’s been intriguing me recently is the gear hammock. A gear hammock is nothing more than a small(ish) hammock—sometimes a...

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