Take care when hammocking in Ludington Park

Take care when hammocking in Ludington Park This post is encouraging: Escanaba’s recreation director, Kim Peterson, says that the city hasn’t found any direct evidence that the trees are being harmed by hammocks that are properly hung. Properly hung means the use of straps designed for the hammocks and not hanging them with rope or…
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Car Hammock turns your automobile into a suspended camping lounge

I got my hands on an early version of the Car Hammock back in 2017, and it looks like the company is gearing up for a relaunch with updated features. Car Hammock launched its Kickstarter campaign on Thursday and is offering the smaller OG version for pledge levels starting at US$59 and the XL starting…
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TUH2 featured in HYOH Podcast Episode 33

It’s live! I had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with Jonathan and Mark and talking about one of my favorite subjects: hammocks. They grilled me about how long it took to get the second edition of my book out :), hammock trends, apps, and other topics. As part of the interview, HYOH will be…
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Review – MC Hammie Hammock

The multi-function MC Hammie Hammock is designed to be used in a myriad of ways.

Review – KAMMOK Roo and Python Strap 2018 Upgrade

The 2018 updates to the KAMMOK line of hammock gear includes some impressive upgrades to the Python straps and subtle yet welcome additions in their hammocks, fabrics, and accessories.

Unboxing the Wildish M.C. Hammie Hammock

A video of me unboxing the Wildish Outdoors M.C. Hammie Hammock — a unique, hybrid hammock.

Review – Gnarwhal Gear Tarp Shelter

The Gnarwhal Gear tarp shelter is a fully-featured, well-designed yet bargain priced hexagonal tarp that is perfect for hammock camping.

Review – HangTime Hook

The HangTime Hook is a hammock accessory for hanging objects on a ridgeline. The hook comes in two sizes to accommodate different cord sizes, from 2 mm (small) to 5 mm (large). The end uses a standard 17 mm ball joint that can accept any matching mount style. The hook comes with a clip that works with any device up to 3.5 in (9 cm).