Trip Report – Texas Group Hang 2014

  • texas-amok-draumr-hammock
    Checking out the Amok Draumr hammock
  • texas-breakfast
    The Mullen's were fantastic hosts, shown here making breakfast.
  • texas-clark-hamock
    Another Clark hammock on display
  • texas-clark-vertex
    Folks testing the Clark Vertex
  • texas-double-hanging
    Inside a Double Hanging
  • texas-enlightened-uq
    A very cool baffled under quilt from OWL
  • texas-fairfield-lake-sunset
  • texas-handy-hammock
    Folks were appropriately amazed by the Handy Hammock stand
  • texas-hennessy-hammock
    My deluxe accommodations
  • texas-hennessy-hex-porch-mode
    A DreamHammock topped with a Hennessy Hex tarp
  • texas-kayaks
    Lakeshore views.
  • texas-maverick-hammock
    Testing the Maverick hammock.
  • texas-misty-morning
    Morning mist.
  • texas-music
    Caveman and crew were so fun to listen to!
  • texas-owl-tadpole-tarp-pole-mod-interior
    This tarp is on my short list: the OWL Tadpole with doors and a pole mod.
  • texas-owl-tadpole-tarpdoors
    Closeup of the doors on the OWL Tadpole
  • texas-palace
    Humor's hammock palace
  • texas-schedule-of-events
    Saturday's schedule, with my scribbles
  • texas-sheep-skin-comfort
    Absolute decadence: sheep skin liner.
  • texas-super-diamond-tarp
    I loved this diamond tarp.
  • texas-tensegrity-stand
  • texas-that-kelty-tarp
    I caught several Kelty tarps in use.
  • texas-ugq-winter-dream-tarp
  • texas-music
Checking out the Amok Draumr hammock

Checking out the Amok Draumr hammock

If you’ve never been to a group hang, you’re missing out. A “group hang” is hammock jargon for a festival-style camping event where the common denominator is hammocks (along with food, prizes, and fun). I’ve been invited to attend the Texas hang for a few years, but this was the first time my schedule allowed me to meet up..

Folks were appropriately amazed by the Handy Hammock stand

Folks were appropriately amazed by the Handy Hammock stand


Highlights of the Texas hang for me included music around the campfire, the amazing pot luck on Saturday, checking out everyone’s hammock gear, and meeting so many delightful people. For my part, I brought along several hammocks for show and tell, including the popular Handy Hammock stand, the brand-new Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock, the Maverick Hammock, the Amok Draumr Hammock, the Sierra Madre Research hammocks and Nubé shelter, and the two-person Clark Vertex hammock.


I slept in a Hennessy Hammock Deep Jungle while testing the new ENO Vesta top quilt. I used a Arrowhead Equipment custom Flamethrower under quilt. My camping spot was not far from the lake shore where I enjoyed vibrant sunsets and mist-filled sunrises. I can’t wait for the next one!

I have to give a special thank-you to the generosity of Tom (humer91) who picked me up at the airport, and Anjea for taking me back to Austin! You guys are AMAZING! And, of course, the Mullen family for letting me in the gate and being such wonderful hosts. Thank you all!

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11 Responses

  1. Anjea says:

    I was glad to help out! We were happy to have you at our hang and hope you make it back again.

  2. Mittagsfrost says:

    Wonderful! So many interesting hammocks! Hanger’s paradise! I envy the participants of the meeting. I’m sure you all had a lot of fun. If Germany wouldn’t be so far away from Texas …

  3. Steve Summersell says:

    Cool. My first hammock hang was at Ray Roberts Lake State Park in Denton, Texas. Technicality my first attempt as I had to later sleep in the tent because my cousin bogarted the travel hammock most of the night Lol

  4. Matt L. says:

    need another group hang possibly at brazos bend state park, lake houston, or sam houston state park!

  5. Laura Doan says:

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good places to go hammock camping near San Marcos?

  6. Omar Mendoza says:

    Where and when is the next Texas hang? Are there any in Southern New Mexico?

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