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The Rest of the Story. The race for the lightest camping hammock is still being run, but there are a few front runners who have set the pace. When BIAS came out with their Weight Weenie Micro Hammock, it was unusual because it was slightly narrower but also longer than typical hammocks on the market. Most hammocks hover around 10 × 5 ft (305 × 132 cm), but the Weight Weenie Micro changed their dimensions to 11 x 4 ft (335 x 132 cm), yet dropping to an amazing 7 oz (198 g).

I have found that my “sweet spot” in most hammocks puts my upper torso roughly in the middle of the hammock and laying diagonally with my feet off to one side. This often leaves a lot of extra unused fabric flopping on the sides. Narrowing a hammock eliminates that extra fabric, but maintaining the same length artificially tightens the edges (gunwales) of the hammock contributing to shoulder squeeze. By lengthening the hammock, BIAS eliminates this issue, along with softening the calf ridge that is also common on gathered end hammocks.


For areas or seasons when bugs aren’t a problem, a simple, gathered-end hammock is about all you need. If there is one thing I would do with this hammock is add a zippered bug net, tailored and cut with a trapezoidal shape, and use a structural ridge line.